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Welcome to HVT Studio of Performing Arts.

Nothing brings a smile to a parent’s face more quickly than seeing their child dancing. Children are natural performers – it’s how they have fun! A passion for expression through dance can begin at any age. At HVT Studio of Performing Arts, we’re all about encouraging children of all ages to discover the joy of dance. It encourages creativity, builds confidence and is a great, healthy way for children to release their natural energy. Not all children go on to make performance a career, but we support each child at the level of participation they choose.

Perhaps they might like the aspect of making new friends, or the idea of dressing up in costume, or simply the joy of learning something new.

We’re fortunate to have a professional, caring faculty of teachers, with years of experience and a host of credentials. No matter what level your child wants to take their interest in performance, we nurture their individual talents with passion.Read more »


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Thank you Kristy for your dedication , direction and instruction in the art of dance at HVT Performing Arts. In selecting HVT Studio of Performing Arts, I anticipated high standards and the discipline of dance to be a priority. We made the right choice. Every session has been skillfully planned and conducted to maximize time. We could not have foreseen the opportunities for our young dancer that would come from being in an environment that exposes her to the broad spectrum of dancers, performances, and passion of dance that HVT offers. The 14 years of instruction have exceeded our expectations in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills in tap and ballet; to enable our dancer to realize her dream to dance professionally and internationally. Thank you for opening the door to this rich cultural experience.
First, I want to thank you for everything you have given me, from my first tap and ballet class to experience on stage performance through eisteddfods and concerts. I can’t thank you enough. You have been a second mother to me, helping me develop and grow as a dancer and person. You’ve taught me self-discipline, how to set goals for myself, and go after my dreams. I don’t think I would have known which direction to take without dance in my life. In addition, HVT Studio of Performing Arts (and you Kristy) have given me so many opportunities and memories. I really enjoyed attending every class and workshop. It gave me a whole new outlook on dance and allowed me to put dancing to the test…Now I have the chance to live my dream dancing professionally and internationally with new and exciting opportunities ,everyday not to mention meeting the most amazing people that dance has bought into my life. As I head off on my next dancing adventure these experiences with you will guide and support me wherever life takes me.
We are so happy to finally find a dance school where the emphasis is on quality teaching with qualified professionals. My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons at HVT and her confidence has developed a lot with your classes. Thank you for always keeping us updated, it was great not having to chase up dates and times for events. We are sorry to have to leave you as we move interstate.
Kristy… you guys did such an amazing job!!! Was fantastic and am proud to say that my girls are part of the HVT family.
Fantastic show I have a very happy little girl who was very excited at receiving an award. Well done Kristy.
A big thank you from Steve and myself to Kristy and the teaching staff at HVT Studio of Performing Arts for the training Caitlin has received over the years. She has achieved so much already because of your professional tuition and advice.
Congratulations Kristy! You put in so much effort and time and it really paid off! So happy to have worked and danced for you this year!